Pastor Miriam Niles | Steve Liverpool | Roz Holmes

Pastor Miriam Niles is the Senior Pastor of Real Life Today Church in Washington, D.C. Launched in September 2006, Real Life Today Church is a God-centered and socially-conscious church that provides Biblical and universal life principles designed to equip people to live authentic and productive lives that will impact, serve, and uplift the community and the world.

Pastor Miriam’s ministerial vocation in pastoral ministry is rooted in the sense of calling she experienced as a young teenage preacher and evangelist in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Pastor Miriam is a gifted and sought-after speaker and teacher, speaking at numerous churches, conferences, seminars, and retreats throughout the country. Her teachings apply biblical principles to practical living and are known for their power, depth, and clarity.

In 1998, Pastor Miriam was ordained as Co-Pastor of the Dominion Church of Washington, D.C., where she served on the church’s Ruling Board of Elders for seven years and presided over the Women’s Ministry for ten years. Pastor Miriam has also been featured on the TV show “Sisters” with Darlene Bishop, serving as both guest and co-host on the program.

Pastor Miriam holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Howard University School of Divinity and is also a 1990 honor graduate of Howard University’s School of Business, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration. Pastor Miriam has distinguished herself academically and professionally excelling at various positions of management and leadership at major companies in Corporate America and in ministry, and has received numerous awards and civic citations for her outstanding work in the community and service to her local church.

Pastor Miriam is a Pastor, national speaker, mentor, life coach, and spiritual counselor. However, she derives her greatest joy, passion, and dedication as the wife of attorney Ian Niles, proud mother of 13-year-old Mirielle and 1-year old Julian, and stepmom to 16-year old Cameron and 14-year old Maya.