Write The Scriptures For Your Life
"I have come that you may have life in abundance" (John 10:10 paraphrased)
"Today is the scripture fulfilled..." (Luke 4:21)

One of the definitions of "scripture" rarely utilized is that of "authoritative statement." However, this understanding is clearly captured in Jesus' declaration of what he intended to create in his life. He declared that his presence in the earth was to bring life in abundance and insisted that this life-giving purpose would begin immediately—it would begin today. Authoritative statements, scriptures, are your declarations. They are the commands that coincide with your level of consciousness. These declarations are sent to your subconscious mind and will override old information reinforcing new thoughts and action. These scriptures become the valid and official descriptions of the reality you choose to create. Are you ready to declare and fulfill the scriptures for your life? This can begin by choosing to believe that life does not "happen" to you. Instead, you happen to life. You are not a reactor. Rather, you are a creator! Authoritative Statements bring clarity to your journey. You must "see" a target in order to hit it. A clear and sure mental image motivates, increases the intensity of your beliefs, and builds your persistence and resilience. Authoritative Statements allow you to rewrite your life's story. In this process, you choose not to consult your previous script. We tend to create from what we were, but the work is to create from what you choose to be. By rewriting your story today, you can heal every aspect of your future. Authoritative Statements tell the truth in advance of your outer reality. This is your opportunity to declare your inner self-concept. By so doing, you affirm that the condition you deserve already exists. This shift in perspective will powerfully redirect energy and resources to what you intend to create. Today, you can write and fulfill the scriptures—authoritative statements—for your life. Your most satisfying life will be the one you create. Right now, in this moment, you are creating what comes next. Think about it.

- Rev. Miriam Wright